Advantage of polyester uniforms in soccer game

Whenever we start the discussion about sports uniform, It can never end without mentioning Polyester Fabric uniforms. Since the day people learned how to make clothes from polyester,  its popularity is spreading everywhere more and more.  It is synthetic fiber so we can always change its quality slightly to increase its performance as per the demand of situation. And it’s not hard because it is synthetic material so can be mixed with others to get custom performance.

Soccer Uniforms

In short time this quality of polyester lured uniform manufactures to use it and create awesomeness. they started making soccer uniforms from different types of as per needed game situation.

Let’s look at some advantages of Soccer uniforms made from Polyester fabric.


The best benefit of this fabric is its long lasting quality. during match many kinds of accident happens included pulling each other and rushing ahead from the crowd. And that’s where this fabric helps more than cotton uniforms do.

More Comfort:

Players definitely feels more comfort when he wear this uniform because it consumes the massive sweat so the player won’t feel himself deluded in his own sweat. That will keep his confidence alive during whole match.


Soccer uniforms are not a just simple thing which can be chose by matching colors and shiny looks. It’s always as important as much as Ball and Other things. Player’s over all ability to show the best performance depends on how their body is reacts to hot or into the coldest atmosphere. So it’s proved that proper selection of uniform can increase or decrease player’s overall performance. Polyester fabric does the best effect on this factor. it keeps player’s body warm in cold atmosphere and same way it keeps player’s body cool when there’s  heat in the field.


These Polyester uniforms are very easy to maintain and clean. It’s totally easy washing and it also dry quickly.  Also the designing and printing on this fabric is very easy and accurate too. Printing looks more effective and attractive on this fiber, Printing also lasts longer on it compared to cotton fiber which always failed to maintain printing quality.

Not just uniform but socks made of Polyester fiber will be also a better choice for all kind of weather. They are totally lightweight so it will help to a player moving their legs more freely. So when you provide the best soccer uniforms to players they will definitely get you the awesome result.

So if you are looking for some place to create a custom uniform for your team Just Contact  Custom Look ( Perth ) for all type of custom sports uniforms with choice from large variety of fibers


Advantages of Custom Office Uniforms

Branded uniforms always makes big impact on all kinds of business, when there is brand name and logo on uniforms it look more professional than non branded office wears, it is obvious that people always get impressed with the employee who is wearing custom and branded uniform for their office.

Custom Uniforms

Giving custom uniforms to your employees will also create sense of unity among all co workers and that will increase their confidence too and on the other hand people of the town or city where company is located will see it as company is more concerned about the work they are doing and it will attract them to chose you for their work more than other business who don’t have any unique identity.

There are many other advantages of custom uniforms..

  • Unique Business Image: there is a fact that better look makes better first impression and attractive uniforms creates better business image in customers mind, they will like to buy something or to get service from the company which is more organized.
  • Brand Promotion: Printed Brand logo and company name is the unique way of promoting your business, branded uniforms will become one kind of live signboards which will promote company service or products, instead of wasting large amount on other marketing stuff this uniforms will automatically create a visual  image in customers mind which will be remembered for long time.
  • Identification Improvement: For the company who has different department can create uniforms with different colors and designs for employees of different departments, it will make it easy to identify which person belongs to which workplace and so it will make secure environment at job site.
  • Gaining Loyalty: Company can also print t-shirts or shirts with their brand name and service and sell it or give away to customers as promotions, this way customers can share their enthusiasm for the company, and also people who are fan of your brand or product will like to wear clothes which has printed brand name and logo or particular products so when they wear them they will be doing free marketing for your company.

So these are some advantage of having custom uniforms for your company and if still you don’t have those for your office or workplace just contact CUSTOM LOOK and we will help you select best design and style which suits more for your business, we have various types of options like polo t-shirts and shirts with different types of printing methods like embroidery and screen printing.

Baseball Uniforms

Baseball Uniforms Suppliers

A Baseball uniform is a type of uniform weared by baseball players. Baseball is a game which is fully enjoyed by all Australians with true spirit and many youngsters are highly obsessed with the game. Even baseball uniforms identifies players names, uniforms numbers, and team unity.

Many online stores offers big discounts and combo offers and you should search these sources to find a great deal.

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Why do you use Uniforms in Baseball?

Uniforms represents the unity and uniqueness of  the entire team. Players has to make sure they are using the right uniform, and also need to know the different parts of uniforms and the high-quality material is being used to manufacture it. You can find latest baseball uniforms with best materials at Custom Look. You can classify the uniform as below.

  1. Jersey: Jersey plays an important role in the game when it comes to offering protection to players who are wearing them because it covers chest, arms, and backbone. Earlier, thick cotton materials was used to make jerseys but today nylon and a polyester mixture of fabric is widely used. Jerseys come with an inner layer which is filled with thick absorbents that is supposed to protect the player from impacts as well as absorb sweat from the body. Baseball pants also use similar strategies with thick padding on knees and areas where chances of impact are high. Jersey is a very useful in any games.
  1. Caps: All the players use simple fabric based caps that come with the label of the team name or player number. caps have an important role to play when it comes to offering head protection.
  1. Gloves:  Unlike traditional games, baseball gloves are important with the intention of catching the ball. Any Catching related game the gloves are very important because gloves provide the necessary protection to arms. The team always choose the high-quality leather gloves because it provides perfect protection.
  1. Boots: Baseball boots and stockings have two functions to serve. It helps the player to maintain good grip in the pitch and also act as a protection shield for the player’s feet.

There are many merchants from whom you can find a very good deal on these any types of playing uniforms like baseball, soccer, cricket, volleyball,  basketball and many more.

How to make custom stubby holders

Custom Look makes so many stubby holders per year and all people are always happy about the process when customer come to our store in Perth.

We fill proud because our Stubby Holders are excellent with high-quality materials. We have finished 23 years making stubby holders perfectly for all audiences.

stubby holders perth

We are only using new patterns, fonts, attractive background and customer selected photos and text. We have moved along way from the old screen printing , one colour confused stubby holders of the past. We can now put just about anything you like on stubby holders from photos and text, different fonts and background.

Printing – Custom Look use sublimation ink printing, which gives us that power to be able to print anything you like onto stubby holders. The images are printed onto white paper and trimmed by hand to gives us a printed piece of paper, that is exactly stubby holder’s size.

Sublimating – Sublimation is a printing transfer process which uses heat sensitive sublimation inks to permanently dye synthetic fabrics.The process, which is called “Dye Sublimation”, involves the use of a special heat sensitive dye to print your design onto paper. The printed paper is then placed on the synthetic fabric into a heat press.The sublimation cycle transfers the design from the paper to the fabric. Sublimation is always done on synthetic materials and at high temperatures.As the sublimation process actually dyes the garment, the colour is “in” the fabric and not on top, as is the case with traditional screen printing methods. This gives a much better feel to the garment.

Stitching – All our stubby holders are stitched together, using quality threads and materials. You cannot sew bad neoprene properly, so many cheap and nasty stubby holders are just glued together. Using high-quality materials = high-quality stubby holders. Custom Look uses 5mm neoprene, which keeps your drink cooler for longer and making the final product be able to be used over and over again.

Finishing – Custom Look stubby holders come standard with a base in the bottom, making your stubby holder stand up properly, as well as increasing the thermal effects of your cooler. There are a few people who don’t like bases in their stubby holder, and that’s okay too, just let us know when you want to order your next stubby holders.

Custom Look has been established as the leading Perth Specialist in Sports shops of fashionable branded soccer clubs, soccer uniforms, afl printing and custom made stubby holders in Perth. We always welcome new ideas and give unique experience to our customers.


Soccer may be a game played in the sector with a spherical ball between two groups and identity of a team is mirrored by its uniform. it’s important for a team to possess its own unique uniform notwithstanding to that sports it belongs to. The sports uniform should be the one which might guarantee the utmost comfort of players while they outperform on the sector. completely different soccer groups wish to possess their unique identity within the form of their uniform and hence needs customization as per their wants. however once they really go for getting the one, heap of issues could return up in customization.

Soccer uniforms suppliers

Custom Look is a platform wherever one will simply get soccer uniforms in according to their specific need. We are one of the eminent and well-established soccer uniform suppliers who have perfected the art of “uniforms supplying” by giving a good range of uniforms with extra customization. we provide soccer uniform for men, women and youth teams with extra values as team names, player numbers, names and sponsors or something demanded by the team. We created custom soccer uniforms for players and coaches and fill the comfort on their game.

We are dedicated to providing very best quality uniforms for soccer teams using the material that’s lightweight, breathable and feels soft against the body. At our store, one can find jerseys, leavers jackets, leavers shirts, AFL and alternative accessories in all sizes and colours to make up the complete uniform of players ,coaches, and everyone. we as a soccer uniforms provider have dedicated ourselves to assure the complete comfort of players in order that they can focus on their game while not feeling discomfort in what they wear. we take special care of fitting of every and each player and manufacture each piece with complete detail and exactitude so as to get the end product of top quality.

Our products are not only high in quality however additionally look sensible and however additionally economical and are available at reasonable costs. we keep a sharp eye at each step concerned in making the uniforms and check out our greatest to stay the production price low without compromising the standard. It helps us to deliver the most effective quality products at reasonable price.

Custom Look has long been established as the leading Perth Specialist in sports shops of fashionable branded soccer clubs, soccer uniforms, AFL printing in Perth. We provide an unrivalled range of products, offering exceptional quality and unbeatable value, from a wide range of variety.

Why your team should have soccer uniforms

The team uniform brings the players on the field together  dominating force, one goal-scoring, shot-blocking machine, and one team. Choosing a team uniform will be quite the daunting task – whole, price, availability, quality and style all play a vital role. No matter what size team you have got, we have the same that may meet your budget and your desires.

soccer unifoirms

First up, work with your team’s admin to see your budget. This can assist you verify that whole and elegance will work for your team. If you are unsure, feel free to provide us team rep a decision and that they will advise you on lesser proverbial brands that build quality uniforms at a reasonable value.

Once you’ve established your team budget, the next most significant thing to contemplate is that the uniform material, cut and technologies. There’s no denying that a team comfortable in their uniforms plays higher return match day. Almost all of the soccer uniforms ought to be light-weight polyester with wet wicking technology.

Finally availability is a issue that several selecting team uniforms for the primary time overlook. Availability suggests that that the uniform you decide on are out there within the sizes and colours you wish for over one season. Availability will conjointly mean whether or not or not it’s presently in our warehouse, at the brand’s warehouse or on back order. Any of our team representatives can facilitate you verify a uniforms accessibility and if it meets your needs.

Uniforms Customization:

EMBROIDERY: Logos, names and numbers are sewed directly onto your gear for a skilled look and unbelievable sturdiness. Embroidery is a great possibility for heavier materials like bags and warm-ups.

SCREEN PRINT: Special links are written directly onto the materials. Screen printing can be used for custom and classic team logos.

HEAT PRESS:As the name implies, heat is used to use printed vinyl, Pro-Flock and Lextra materials. Heat press can be used for custom logos, number and names.

Every team should look like a world class team, even if they don’t have a world class budget. Custom Look is more than happy to figure with you to form soccer uniforms Associate in Nursing applicable, unique look that suits your team. With screen printing, embroidery or heat press, we will add any brand, number or name onto your team’s uniforms. We also customized professional in short holders, leaver jackets, T-shirts and more.

How Custom Made Soccer Uniforms Make Unique Look

Are you looking for unique look by custom made soccer uniforms for your team? If you are then you should change your custom made soccer uniform that is the solution. By selecting custom design your team looks changed to unique than others and it shows uniqueness of your team.

Soccer uniforms

Uniforms are the most important part of every Soccer team in the world as the symbol of unity, equality among players. The reason behind the making custom made uniforms to make player focus more on playing rather than on their dresses and appearances.

It is also important to Choose good design for your soccer uniforms and choose durable as well as comfortable fabric. With inferior materials, you may have to spend money time to time for repairing or will have to buy new wears. Size matters a lot when you buy.  The Uniforms should be comfortable to wear is required as player spend couple of hours in playing and in this period they play, exercise, run, and many other activities. Without comfort the player finds hard to focus on games.

In Selection of custom uniforms, colour is one another important point to be noticed. Colour of your uniform also should be the unique as much as the selecting the materials of uniforms. Colour of uniforms should be selected that is unique, enthusiasm to players, highlighted and attractive.

Custom Look is one of customized soccer uniforms provider in Perth, Australia. We design, manufactures, and printing everything to client as per the requirement and selection of all the factors. We provide garments made with perfect style, fabric and colour combination that is requested and also brand them with the desired logos. We offer sublimation printing to create clothing suitable for sports, corporate events and other activities. We have now large range of our products including AFL, Soccer, Basketball, jumpers, Cricket Uniforms, Leavers shirts, Netball uniforms, Playing uniforms, Baseball uniforms and more. We specialized to give large variety in custom uniforms with unique design, colour, high quality materials, size, comfortable to wear.

Custom Look has long been established as the leading Perth Specialist in sports shops of fashionable branded soccer clubs, soccer uniforms, afl printing in Perth. We provide an unrivalled range of products, offering exceptional quality and unbeatable value, from a wide range of variety. We believe in deliver the quality of our products.