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How Squeezing Sportswear Touch Your Running Performance

Clothing & Clothing Comfort

Clothing is an integral part of human life. Clothing protects from cold or heat to maintain body thermal comfort throughout the full range of human activities. Comfort may be defined as a pleasant state of psychological, physiological and physical harmony between a human being and the environment.

Clothing comfort or the sense of coolness/warmth is one of the important parameters of sportswear. Comfort in fabrics is related to three main factors, namely thermo-physiological, censorial and physiological.

Moisture management

Moisture management is an important aspect of any fabric meant for apparel, which decides the comfort level of that fabric. The moisture management properties of a fabric are critical to wearers’ comfort, especially in sportswear for moderate to intensive physical activity. Various types of tactile, moisture and thermal interactions between the clothing material and the human skin determine the comfort level of a person at a given environmental condition while engaged in a specific level of activity.

Considerable research has been carried out on ideal structure for sportswear. However, different sports demand different construction of the garment, though some structures are commonly used. Layered structures are most common structures in that category. The performance of layered structures in thermo-physiological regulation is better than single layer textile structure.

Fabric design

Layering of fabrics used as garment has major effect on properties such as thermal conductivity, air permeability and moisture vapour transmission. A simple double-face construction is preferred, in which inner face is made of a synthetic fibre, say polyester that is hydrophobic and has a good capillary action; the outer face is made from a hydrophobic fibre like viscose/modal/cotton that absorbs the transported moisture and allows it to evaporate.

Research & development has been carried out to develop a bi-layer knitted fabric that will achieve a high level of clothing comfort for active sportswear. In this regard, moisture management properties of several bi-layer knitted structures made out of Viscose-Polypropylene, Modal-Polypropylene, Viscose-Micorfibre Polyester, Modal-Micorfibre Polyester, Viscose-Polyester, Modal-Polyester and Bamboo-Polyester were studied.

From the research, it can be concluded that the bi-layer knitted fabric because of its good moisture management properties are preferred for sporting apparel because they quickly release perspiration from the skin to keep the wearer dry.


Why Custom Look is best sports shops in Perth?

Sports shop is a place where most of us have to visit once in while for a different purpose. It’s not just place where you find regular sports goods, but some of them have a customization option for your need. Custom Look is one of leading sports shops in Perth who offers A to Z customization in all kind of sports wears and uniforms along with choice from many colors and designs.

What stuff can u find in a sports shops?

At Custom Look you will find many categories to choose from. Our main categories are as following.

Aussie Custom Clothing

Aussie Custom Clothing: In this category, we have different clothes like Full Colour Sublimation, Kids Custom Polo Shirts, Ladies Custom T-shirts, Mens Custom Polos, Mens Custom T-Shirt, Ladies Custom Polos.

It’s not just regular clothes but Custom Look offers fully customization options will all the colors and lots of different designs and patterns to choose. Also, our fabrics come with the best quality material which isn’t just comfortable but also it lasts longer.


Bags Perth


Bags: We sell the finest quality nonwoolen bags in every size and also available with custom designs, logo or Name printed on it.



Bar Mats: Bar Mets PerthBar Mats are used to hold the wet glasses at bar front, It stops spilling on the surface and also it protects it. So basically it saves lots of time on cleaning spills and liquids. Also, we make it very light weight so its always easy to lift it up and empty spills directly into the sink. We have a wide range of printed bar mats available in different size. and also we print your own design or logo on mats as per your need.


Events & Promo Wear


Events & Promo Wear: We make many kinds of custom event and promo wears which can be used in Business Promos, Competitions, Expos and Trade Shows, Group Trips.



Fishing Gear


Fishing Gear: In this category we have custom fishing polos which are best to wear when you go out on the fishing trip or just regular fishing.




Leavers Jackets


Leavers and Motorsport Clothing: Leavers Jackets and Leaves Shirts are always in fashion trend. If you are fond of driving and racing sports, Custom Look is the best Sports shop for you to visit. We have a large range of varieties in this category.



Soccer Uniforms


Playing Uniforms: If you are sports players our shop is the best place to choose a uniform for yourself and also the whole team. we aren’t just selling readymade uniforms but we make fully customized sports uniforms for different sports like Basketball, Bowls and Bowling, Cricket, AFL Football, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Tee Ball Baseball and Volleyball.


Stubby Holders


Stubby Holders: We sell full-color stubby holders in many size and designs and also it can be customized with your Logo or Name.



Work and Corporate Wear


Work and Corporate Wear: In this category We sell Gymnastic and Dancing Clothes, HI-VIS Sublimation and also  Retail & Office Summation.



So if you are living in Perth and you ever need any type of sports goods or you thinking about buying sports clothes, Custom Look is the perfect place to visit.