Soccer Uniforms

What are the 3 major aspects of Soccer Uniforms

Soccer UniformsWithout a set of principles, theories, and proven methods design critique would be meaningless. It would be dependent only on personal tastes and provide nothing concrete to pass onto the future. In graphic design we know that spacing and fonts are important in typography because it leads to legibility. We know that colors should not vibrate together because it makes shapes hard to distinguish from each other, or that proper perspective in a drawing leads to a sense of realism.

We know quite a bit about what works in visual art, but if you were to ask what truly works in a Soccer uniforms and why you might be at a loss for words. Certainly, we all know what we like but the thing with good design is you don’t always like it. I believe knowing the difference between “I like it” and “it’s good” is the first step you have to take before you criticize Soccer Uniforms.

So how could one critique a Soccer uniforms while setting aside tastes and opinion? Can that even be done? I’m not 100% sure, but I’ve attempted to make 3 major aspects for Soccer uniforms specifically, though I believe this could carry over into other sports uniforms. I made these aspects to try and elevate the criticism of Soccer uniforms design beyond “I like it” or “don’t like it” and hopefully provide a better conversation point in the discussion of Soccer uniforms design.

I don’t claim this to have any correct answers These aspects are built upon what I think makes a good uniform though my own experiences, education, and research.

Take it with a grain of salt, but if anyone ask me “what do you think of this Soccer uniforms?” I refer back to these 3 major aspects.

  1. Team reorganization: During a match both teams must look totally different than another one.
  2. Players reorganization: On the field all players should be able to identify easily by audience
  3. Unique Uniform for referees: Referee must have unique uniforms so they can be recognized easily.

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soccer uniforms

Like most Australians, soccer is the thing that really only glides up in my thoughts once every four years during the World Cup or when I’m reading some article about how cool Tim Cahill looks in his sweatpants. And these days while I know the world cup qualifiers rounds has been a wild ride (china just upset South Korea It’s insane!), the information of what’s going on aren’t very important to my life. But here’s where I am interested at: jerseys in Soccer Uniforms are awesome. In factor of pure wear ability they might even be the finest of any pro athlete uniform. And when summer arrives. The time of year when you need nothing but a bold soccer jersey to make a statement perfect the perfect time to wear one.

Here’s some major factors you should always remember.

  1. Be The Real Soccer Fan                                                                  

Call it soccer. We can’t stress that much. If you’re an Australian that doesn’t really know much about the sport, call it by its Australian name. And also refer to Soccer Uniforms and jerseys same as that. Don’t be the ignorant person who goes around and being biased for the words “football” and “kit” just to impress foreigners.

  1. Select The Jersey That Suits You More

There is one important thing. just because you supports some particular club or team doesn’t mean you must wear their jersey. Instead, be like who you are and just find one that you think looks cool. You should select the colour you like and also the patterns and design. So no need to buy readymade jersey which represents some team, when you can just design your own.

  1. Get The Customized Jersey

The jerseys used in the game tend to be a perfect fitting, which is good only if you’re an expert soccer player from some state club or in the national team or at least an athlete with a six pack body. But also for those of us who are in shape, super skin tight t-shirts just look different with local clothes, especially when you are wearing a polyester fabric like most jerseys are. Instead, get the Custom Soccer Uniform jersey, which will fit more like a normal T-shirt and less like skin tight.  Plus, The jersey you purchase from Custom Look is less expensive too.

  1. Create It As You Like

Many of new soccer jerseys are printed with corporate logos and high-tech fabrics. If those aren’t for you, visit Custom Look ( Perth ) for a special Customized Soccer Uniforms jersey, which will be more eye catching and also very much comfortable and of your own choice of colours.


Soccer uniforms have always been a critical part all through the historical backdrop of the game, granting players to stay cool and to shield them from real harm.

Soccer Uniforms

Soccer uniforms by and bigger comprise of the accompanying parts: short or since quite a long ago sleeved shirt top, soccer shorts, soccer socks, shin protectors and soccer shoes (or soccer spikes).

Around the year 1870, the eminence of the game and media consideration pressed a development of the Soccer Uniforms. The crucial capacity of the Soccer Uniforms was no more to limited to keep the player calm and secure yet rather to characterize the player and the group to which they had a place.

The development of numbers and identifying logos were handled interestingly to help fans and players alike distinguish one another on the field. The numbers on the back of soccer jerseys were initially decided in view of a group’s beginning adjustment. Numbers 1–11 were given to the beginning players of every group. Substitute players were allocated numbers starting at 12.

Soccer players wore pullovers that were accordingly customized from solid, regular filaments in the blended bag of neckline outlines. Bound group necks and wide level/vertical stripes were excessively basic among soccer uniforms of the mid-twentieth century.

In the 1930s, captured rugby-style shirts supplanted group necks. An awesome illustration of the movement from bound group necks to rugby style shirts was most unmistakable with the 1933 Arsenal red shirt with white sleeves, and a wide, cushy.

In the mid-twentieth century, the “Mainland Style” of soccer uniforms came to existence. This style of soccer uniform was clear by light-weight developed fabrics and a short-sleeved Slipover style shirt, creating a look that developed into the current trend soccer pullover.

Amid the later partition of the twentieth century, pullovers worn by expert soccer players belittled different brands, for example, Nike and Adidas and Jerseys soon turned out to be more business as groups sold reproduction shirts of outstanding players.

Innovative and Industrial advances keep on delivering soccer uniforms that are lighter and more breathable than any other time in recent memory, gloating fabrics that are produced using cotton, nylon and polyester mixes. From the early formation of soccer to the cutting edge age, soccer uniforms have developed with the times and keep on filling their style and utility.

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Importance of Custom Soccer Uniforms

Soccer Uniforms

Soccer is a extremely popular game which is played across the whole world. It keeps people fit and also it entertain. The most respected soccer tournament is the FIFA World Cup which is held every 4 years. Large numbers of people arrives at world cup matches to watch and cheer up their most favorite teams. Not just  Children but adults also follow the style of top soccer players. To be expert in this soccer, a player needs to have lots of stamina, better dribbling, passing and shooting skills, cleverness and smartness. The soccer team which have the best allocation of talent and skills among its players will have the better chance to win.

Besides having the above-specified qualities, players need to wear an better uniform which makes them feel and look impressive. Wearing it will boost the player’s confidence to give their best effort and help to develop their performance. Any teams wearing a uniform, whether it plays soccer at the school, college or league level should communicate its players an exclusive and remarkable look. It will give a noticeable identity to the team and it will let the audience separate its players from those of the opposing team.

Uniforms available in most local sports stores have limited choices in the matter of colors and designs which may not ensemble your team if you want an extraordinary and different look from other teams. Your Soccer uniform need must be better satisfied with the trusted name CUSTOMLOOK. Such a seller can design an appealing and eye catching soccer uniform included your team’s logo, colors and design pattern. It will have the team logo, name of player and number printed on it. Plus point is, it will have perfect fitting according to players body measurements. So the Custom Soccer uniforms designed by CUSTOMLOOK will give your team a very different and impressive look.

After you decide to design a custom uniform for your soccer team, you will get to choose a quality fabric for the uniform. It will have an attractive design and be convenient to wear. It would consume sweat and keep your players cool even during the most hot temperature. The impressive look with uniform make your player feel confident. Wearing it will motivate them to put in best ever performance during the match.

Buying your soccer uniforms from leading and trusted store gives you some benefits. First of all, you will have a lot more customization options. And you can choose from lots of colors and patterns. Even if you have a very complicated and modern design, CUSTOMLOOK  can still get them printed on your uniform. Secondly, you will definitely get quality uniform at an affordable price.

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Advantage of polyester uniforms in soccer game

Whenever we start the discussion about sports uniform, It can never end without mentioning Polyester Fabric uniforms. Since the day people learned how to make clothes from polyester,  its popularity is spreading everywhere more and more.  It is synthetic fiber so we can always change its quality slightly to increase its performance as per the demand of situation. And it’s not hard because it is synthetic material so can be mixed with others to get custom performance.

Soccer Uniforms

In short time this quality of polyester lured uniform manufactures to use it and create awesomeness. they started making soccer uniforms from different types of as per needed game situation.

Let’s look at some advantages of Soccer uniforms made from Polyester fabric.


The best benefit of this fabric is its long lasting quality. during match many kinds of accident happens included pulling each other and rushing ahead from the crowd. And that’s where this fabric helps more than cotton uniforms do.

More Comfort:

Players definitely feels more comfort when he wear this uniform because it consumes the massive sweat so the player won’t feel himself deluded in his own sweat. That will keep his confidence alive during whole match.


Soccer uniforms are not a just simple thing which can be chose by matching colors and shiny looks. It’s always as important as much as Ball and Other things. Player’s over all ability to show the best performance depends on how their body is reacts to hot or into the coldest atmosphere. So it’s proved that proper selection of uniform can increase or decrease player’s overall performance. Polyester fabric does the best effect on this factor. it keeps player’s body warm in cold atmosphere and same way it keeps player’s body cool when there’s  heat in the field.


These Polyester uniforms are very easy to maintain and clean. It’s totally easy washing and it also dry quickly.  Also the designing and printing on this fabric is very easy and accurate too. Printing looks more effective and attractive on this fiber, Printing also lasts longer on it compared to cotton fiber which always failed to maintain printing quality.

Not just uniform but socks made of Polyester fiber will be also a better choice for all kind of weather. They are totally lightweight so it will help to a player moving their legs more freely. So when you provide the best soccer uniforms to players they will definitely get you the awesome result.

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How to make custom stubby holders

Custom Look makes so many stubby holders per year and all people are always happy about the process when customer come to our store in Perth.

We fill proud because our Stubby Holders are excellent with high-quality materials. We have finished 23 years making stubby holders perfectly for all audiences.

stubby holders perth

We are only using new patterns, fonts, attractive background and customer selected photos and text. We have moved along way from the old screen printing , one colour confused stubby holders of the past. We can now put just about anything you like on stubby holders from photos and text, different fonts and background.

Printing – Custom Look use sublimation ink printing, which gives us that power to be able to print anything you like onto stubby holders. The images are printed onto white paper and trimmed by hand to gives us a printed piece of paper, that is exactly stubby holder’s size.

Sublimating – Sublimation is a printing transfer process which uses heat sensitive sublimation inks to permanently dye synthetic fabrics.The process, which is called “Dye Sublimation”, involves the use of a special heat sensitive dye to print your design onto paper. The printed paper is then placed on the synthetic fabric into a heat press.The sublimation cycle transfers the design from the paper to the fabric. Sublimation is always done on synthetic materials and at high temperatures.As the sublimation process actually dyes the garment, the colour is “in” the fabric and not on top, as is the case with traditional screen printing methods. This gives a much better feel to the garment.

Stitching – All our stubby holders are stitched together, using quality threads and materials. You cannot sew bad neoprene properly, so many cheap and nasty stubby holders are just glued together. Using high-quality materials = high-quality stubby holders. Custom Look uses 5mm neoprene, which keeps your drink cooler for longer and making the final product be able to be used over and over again.

Finishing – Custom Look stubby holders come standard with a base in the bottom, making your stubby holder stand up properly, as well as increasing the thermal effects of your cooler. There are a few people who don’t like bases in their stubby holder, and that’s okay too, just let us know when you want to order your next stubby holders.

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Soccer may be a game played in the sector with a spherical ball between two groups and identity of a team is mirrored by its uniform. it’s important for a team to possess its own unique uniform notwithstanding to that sports it belongs to. The sports uniform should be the one which might guarantee the utmost comfort of players while they outperform on the sector. completely different soccer groups wish to possess their unique identity within the form of their uniform and hence needs customization as per their wants. however once they really go for getting the one, heap of issues could return up in customization.

Soccer uniforms suppliers

Custom Look is a platform wherever one will simply get soccer uniforms in according to their specific need. We are one of the eminent and well-established soccer uniform suppliers who have perfected the art of “uniforms supplying” by giving a good range of uniforms with extra customization. we provide soccer uniform for men, women and youth teams with extra values as team names, player numbers, names and sponsors or something demanded by the team. We created custom soccer uniforms for players and coaches and fill the comfort on their game.

We are dedicated to providing very best quality uniforms for soccer teams using the material that’s lightweight, breathable and feels soft against the body. At our store, one can find jerseys, leavers jackets, leavers shirts, AFL and alternative accessories in all sizes and colours to make up the complete uniform of players ,coaches, and everyone. we as a soccer uniforms provider have dedicated ourselves to assure the complete comfort of players in order that they can focus on their game while not feeling discomfort in what they wear. we take special care of fitting of every and each player and manufacture each piece with complete detail and exactitude so as to get the end product of top quality.

Our products are not only high in quality however additionally look sensible and however additionally economical and are available at reasonable costs. we keep a sharp eye at each step concerned in making the uniforms and check out our greatest to stay the production price low without compromising the standard. It helps us to deliver the most effective quality products at reasonable price.

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