How to make custom stubby holders

Custom Look makes so many stubby holders per year and all people are always happy about the process when customer come to our store in Perth.

We fill proud because our Stubby Holders are excellent with high-quality materials. We have finished 23 years making stubby holders perfectly for all audiences.

stubby holders perth

We are only using new patterns, fonts, attractive background and customer selected photos and text. We have moved along way from the old screen printing , one colour confused stubby holders of the past. We can now put just about anything you like on stubby holders from photos and text, different fonts and background.

Printing – Custom Look use sublimation ink printing, which gives us that power to be able to print anything you like onto stubby holders. The images are printed onto white paper and trimmed by hand to gives us a printed piece of paper, that is exactly stubby holder’s size.

Sublimating – Sublimation is a printing transfer process which uses heat sensitive sublimation inks to permanently dye synthetic fabrics.The process, which is called “Dye Sublimation”, involves the use of a special heat sensitive dye to print your design onto paper. The printed paper is then placed on the synthetic fabric into a heat press.The sublimation cycle transfers the design from the paper to the fabric. Sublimation is always done on synthetic materials and at high temperatures.As the sublimation process actually dyes the garment, the colour is “in” the fabric and not on top, as is the case with traditional screen printing methods. This gives a much better feel to the garment.

Stitching – All our stubby holders are stitched together, using quality threads and materials. You cannot sew bad neoprene properly, so many cheap and nasty stubby holders are just glued together. Using high-quality materials = high-quality stubby holders. Custom Look uses 5mm neoprene, which keeps your drink cooler for longer and making the final product be able to be used over and over again.

Finishing – Custom Look stubby holders come standard with a base in the bottom, making your stubby holder stand up properly, as well as increasing the thermal effects of your cooler. There are a few people who don’t like bases in their stubby holder, and that’s okay too, just let us know when you want to order your next stubby holders.

Custom Look has been established as the leading Perth Specialist in Sports shops of fashionable branded soccer clubs, soccer uniforms, afl printing and custom made stubby holders in Perth. We always welcome new ideas and give unique experience to our customers.


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