Custom Printed Stubby Holders

Are you having trouble keeping your drinks cool? A huge range of Custom Printed Stubby Holders are best to help you keep your “cool”. Say no to warm and flat beverages with stubby holders – way to keep your beverage refreshed.


Stubby Holders are widely used for events such as sporting events, local fairs, exhibitions and even weddings. Customizable and inexpensive, these are a must have accessory for any function you are hosting. Coming in different colours, sizes and designs, your company name and logo will look very appealing. It helps advertise your brand as it showcases your company directly. It is a great way to reflect your style of business and characteristics as consumers always look for appearance.

Sports Team Stubby Holders are great for any sporting team or club whether it be a individual fishing team or crew or a large sporting club. Sports Team Stubby Holders make a great addition to any merchandise you may have. We offer Sporting Club Stubby Holders with full colour Dye Sublimation printing. This means you can have a photograph printed onto your personalized Stubby Holder Perth.

What a great way to show your passion for your club or your loyalty for your association. Stubby Holders can bring out the best image for all clubs and associations while also promoting future sponsors and members. Customized Printed stubby holders are inexpensive and great giveaway items, prizes or something extra for the members or sponsors of your club.

you can see, all of our stubby’s are eye catching. Most of the stubby’s that have been released are stainless stubby coolers. These Stainless Stubby Coolers are way different to what you would normally call a stubby cooler. Now stainless steel is definitely a great way to keep your drinks chilled for an extra long time. Even though every stubby does this, our Stainless Stubby Coolers, on the other hand, assure you that your drink will be chilled for longer! The inner portion is coated with neoprene to keep the stubby insulated and well guarded.

STUBBY HOLDERS are an awesome and cost effective way to advertise your business or sports club. These clever marketing tools hang around forever and even when you think you have lost it, chances are one of your friends or his friends are using it!……. the stubby holder is doing it’s job – advertising your message again and again.

  • If you’re looking for something to hold your beer can, then we have it!
  • If you want a custom printed stubby holder for your drink bottle, then we have it!
  • If you need to keep your bottle, beverage or water cool then we have a stubby holder that can fit all of them!

Here at Custom Look we can do individual naming on your Sports Team Stubby Holders Perth. Our full colour dye-sublimated holders are made from quality wetsuit neoprene and print up with extreme detail.


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